LiveDocument Class

Encapsulates a relative path to a workspace document. More...

Header: #include <LiveDocument>

Public Functions

LiveDocument(const QString &relativeFilePath)
QString absoluteFilePathIn(const QDir &workspace) const
QString errorString() const
bool existsIn(const QDir &workspace) const
bool isFileIn(const QDir &workspace) const
bool isNull() const
QString relativeFilePath() const

Static Public Members

LiveDocument resolve(const QDir &workspace, const QString &filePath)

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

LiveDocument::LiveDocument(const QString &relativeFilePath)

Constructs instance for the given relativeFilePath.

The relativeFilePath MUST NOT be an empty string, it MUST be a relative path, and when resolved relatively to a directory it MUST NOT resolve to a path outside of the directory.


Constructs a null instance.

See also isNull() and errorString().

QString LiveDocument::absoluteFilePathIn(const QDir &workspace) const

Returns the absolute file path within a workspace, including the file name.

QString LiveDocument::errorString() const

When called just after resolve(), existsIn() or isFileIn() failed, returns a descriptive message suitable for displaying in user interface. When called in other context, the result is undefined.

bool LiveDocument::existsIn(const QDir &workspace) const

Returns true if this document exists in the given workspace directory.

See also errorString().

bool LiveDocument::isFileIn(const QDir &workspace) const

Returns true if this document exists as a regular file (or a symbolic link to a regular file) in the given workspace directory.

Symbolic links resolution applies.

See also errorString().

bool LiveDocument::isNull() const

Returns true if this is a null instance.

A null instance has been either contructed with the default constructor or the resolve() call failed.

See also errorString().

QString LiveDocument::relativeFilePath() const

Returns the relative file path including the file name.

[static] LiveDocument LiveDocument::resolve(const QDir &workspace, const QString &filePath)

Constructs a non-null instance unless the filePath resolves outside of the workspace directory.

filePath may be an absolute or relative file path to a file which is NOT required to exist.

See also isNull() and errorString().

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