LiveHubEngine Class

The LiveHubEngine class watches over a workspace and notifies a node on changes. More...

Header: #include <LiveHubEngine>
Inherits: QObject

Public Types

enum Error { NoError, WatcherMaximumReached, WatcherSystemError }

Public Functions

LiveHubEngine(QObject *parent = 0)
LiveDocument activePath() const
LiveHubEngine::Error error()
bool hasError()
void setWorkspace(const QString &path)
QString workspace() const

Public Slots

void publishWorkspace()
void setActivePath(const LiveDocument &path)
void setFilePublishingActive(bool on)


void activateDocument(const LiveDocument &document)
void beginPublishWorkspace()
void endPublishWorkspace()
void errorChanged()
void fileChanged(const LiveDocument &document)
void publishFile(const LiveDocument &document)
void workspaceChanged(const QString &workspace)

Static Public Members

int maximumWatches()
void setMaximumWatches(int maximumWatches)

Detailed Description

The live hub watches over a workspace and notifies a live node about changed files. A node can run on the same device or even on a remote device using a RemotePublisher.

Member Type Documentation

enum LiveHubEngine::Error

Describes error state of an engine

LiveHubEngine::NoError0No error
LiveHubEngine::WatcherMaximumReached1The maximum number of watches set with setMaximumWatches() was exceeded
LiveHubEngine::WatcherSystemError2Watching a directory for changes failed for an unspecified reason

Member Function Documentation

LiveHubEngine::LiveHubEngine(QObject *parent = 0)

Standard constructor using parent as parent

[signal] void LiveHubEngine::activateDocument(const LiveDocument &document)

The signal is emitted when the document identified by document has been activated

[signal] void LiveHubEngine::beginPublishWorkspace()

This signal is emitted at the beginning of publishWorkspace() call before any publishFile signal is emitted.

[signal] void LiveHubEngine::endPublishWorkspace()

This signal is emitted at the end of publishWorkspace() call after all publishFile signals were emitted.

[signal] void LiveHubEngine::errorChanged()

The signal is emitted when the error state desctibed by error() changed

[signal] void LiveHubEngine::fileChanged(const LiveDocument &document)

This signal is emitted during publishing a directory to inform a connected node that document has changed on the hub.

[signal] void LiveHubEngine::publishFile(const LiveDocument &document)

This signal is emitted during publishing the directory to inform a connected node to publish the document to the remote device form the hub

[slot] void LiveHubEngine::publishWorkspace()

Publish the whole workspace to a connected node.

[slot] void LiveHubEngine::setActivePath(const LiveDocument &path)

Sets the active document path to path. Emits activateDocument() with this path.

See also activePath().

[slot] void LiveHubEngine::setFilePublishingActive(bool on)

Sets the file publishing to on

[signal] void LiveHubEngine::workspaceChanged(const QString &workspace)

The signal is emitted when the workspace identified by workspace has changed

LiveDocument LiveHubEngine::activePath() const

Returns the active Document

See also setActivePath().

LiveHubEngine::Error LiveHubEngine::error()

Returns current Error

bool LiveHubEngine::hasError()

Returns true if error() is not NoError

[static] int LiveHubEngine::maximumWatches()

Returns the maximum number of watched directories

See also setMaximumWatches().

[static] void LiveHubEngine::setMaximumWatches(int maximumWatches)

Sets the maximum number of watched directories to maximumWatches

See also maximumWatches().

void LiveHubEngine::setWorkspace(const QString &path)

Sets the workspace folder to watch over to path

See also workspace().

QString LiveHubEngine::workspace() const

Returns the current workspace

See also setWorkspace().

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