RemoteReceiver Class

Receives commands from the remote publisher. More...

Header: #include <RemoteReceiver>
Inherits: QObject

Public Types

enum ConnectionOption { NoConnectionOption, UpdateDocumentsOnConnect, BlockingConnect }
flags ConnectionOptions

Public Functions

RemoteReceiver(QObject *parent = 0)
bool listen(int port, RemoteReceiver::ConnectionOptions options = NoConnectionOption)
QString pin() const
void registerNode(LiveNodeEngine *node)
void setMaxConnections(int max)
void setPin(const QString &pin)


void activateDocument(const LiveDocument &document)
void beginBulkUpdate()
void clientConnected(const QHostAddress &address)
void clientDisconnected(const QHostAddress &address)
void endBulkUpdate()
void pinOk(bool ok)
void reload()
void rotationChanged(int rotation)
void updateDocument(const LiveDocument &document, const QByteArray &content)
void updateDocumentsOnConnectFinished(bool ok)
void xOffsetChanged(int offset)
void yOffsetChanged(int offset)

Detailed Description

Receives commands from a remote publisher to publish workspace files and to setup the active document.

Member Type Documentation

enum RemoteReceiver::ConnectionOption
flags RemoteReceiver::ConnectionOptions

This enum type is used to select optional connection related features:

RemoteReceiver::NoConnectionOption0x0No optional feature is enabled.
RemoteReceiver::UpdateDocumentsOnConnect0x1The remote publisher will be asked to publish all workspace files on connect. This applies to the very first connection only.
RemoteReceiver::BlockingConnect0x2Call to listen() will block until a connection from remote publisher is open and (optional) PIN exchange and (optional) initial documents update finishes.

The ConnectionOptions type is a typedef for QFlags<ConnectionOption>. It stores an OR combination of ConnectionOption values.

See also listen().

Member Function Documentation

RemoteReceiver::RemoteReceiver(QObject *parent = 0)

Standard Constructor using parent as parent

[signal] void RemoteReceiver::activateDocument(const LiveDocument &document)

This signal is emitted when the remote active document document has changed

[signal] void RemoteReceiver::beginBulkUpdate()

This signal is emitted before an expected sequence of updateDocument emissions.

[signal] void RemoteReceiver::clientConnected(const QHostAddress &address)

This signal is emitted when a new client with address address has been connected

[signal] void RemoteReceiver::clientDisconnected(const QHostAddress &address)

This signal is emitted when a client with address address has been disconnected

[signal] void RemoteReceiver::endBulkUpdate()

This signal is emitted after an expected sequence of updateDocument emissions.

[signal] void RemoteReceiver::pinOk(bool ok)

This signal is emitted to notiify that the pin entered on the remote side is valid, if ok equals true

[signal] void RemoteReceiver::reload()

This signal is emitted to notify that a relaod is requested by the remote client

[signal] void RemoteReceiver::rotationChanged(int rotation)

This signal is emitted to notify the view to apply the rotation with the angle rotation

[signal] void RemoteReceiver::updateDocument(const LiveDocument &document, const QByteArray &content)

This signal is emitted to notify that a document has changed its content

[signal] void RemoteReceiver::updateDocumentsOnConnectFinished(bool ok)

This signal is emitted to notify that the (optional) initial update of all workspace documents finished. ok indicates its result.

See also UpdateDocumentsOnConnect.

[signal] void RemoteReceiver::xOffsetChanged(int offset)

This signal is emitted to notify the view to apply the x-offset offset

[signal] void RemoteReceiver::yOffsetChanged(int offset)

This signal is emitted to notify the view to apply the y-offset offset

bool RemoteReceiver::listen(int port, RemoteReceiver::ConnectionOptions options = NoConnectionOption)

Listens on remote publisher connections on port with given options. If options contains BlockingConnect the return value indicates whether PIN exchange and/or initial documents update was successful. Otherwise the return value is always true.

QString RemoteReceiver::pin() const

Returns the current pin

See also setPin().

void RemoteReceiver::registerNode(LiveNodeEngine *node)

Register the node to be notified about changes

void RemoteReceiver::setMaxConnections(int max)

Set maximum allowed client connection to max

void RemoteReceiver::setPin(const QString &pin)

Sets the pin to access this live node

See also pin().

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