StereoFrame Struct

template <typename T> struct QAudioBuffer::StereoFrame

The StereoFrame class provides a simple wrapper for a stereo audio frame. More...

Public Functions

StereoFrame(T leftSample, T rightSample)
StereoFrame<T> &operator=(const StereoFrame<T> &other)
T average() const
void clear()

Public Variables

T left
T right

Detailed Description

This templatized structure lets you treat a block of individual samples as an interleaved stereo stream frame. This is most useful when used with the templatized data() functions of QAudioBuffer. Generally the data is accessed as a pointer, so no copying should occur.

There are some predefined instantiations of this template for working with common stereo sample depths in a convenient way.

This frame structure has left and right members for accessing individual channel data.

For example:

// Assuming 'buffer' is an unsigned 16 bit stereo buffer..
QAudioBuffer::S16U *frames = buffer->data<QAudioBuffer::S16U>();
for (int i=0; i < buffer->frameCount(); i++) {
    qSwap(frames[i].left, frames[i].right);

See also QAudioBuffer::S8U, QAudioBuffer::S8S, QAudioBuffer::S16S, QAudioBuffer::S16U, and QAudioBuffer::S32F.

Member Function Documentation

StereoFrame::StereoFrame(T leftSample, T rightSample)

Constructs a new frame with the supplied leftSample and rightSample values.


Constructs a new frame with the "silent" value for this sample format (0 for signed formats and floats, 0x8* for unsigned formats).

StereoFrame<T> &StereoFrame::operator=(const StereoFrame<T> &other)

Assigns other to this frame.

T StereoFrame::average() const

Returns the arithmetic average of the left and right samples.

void StereoFrame::clear()

Sets the values of this frame to the "silent" value.

Member Variable Documentation

T StereoFrame::left

This variable holds the left sample

T StereoFrame::right

This variable holds the right sample

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