QGeoLocation Class

The QGeoLocation class represents basic information about a location. More...

Header: #include <QGeoLocation>
qmake: QT += positioning
Since: Qt 5.2

This class was introduced in Qt 5.2.

Public Functions

QGeoLocation(const QGeoLocation &other)
QGeoLocation &operator=(const QGeoLocation &other)
QGeoAddress address() const
QGeoRectangle boundingBox() const
QGeoCoordinate coordinate() const
QVariantMap extendedAttributes() const
bool isEmpty() const
void setAddress(const QGeoAddress &address)
void setBoundingBox(const QGeoRectangle &boundingBox)
void setCoordinate(const QGeoCoordinate &coordinate)
void setExtendedAttributes(const QVariantMap &data)
bool operator!=(const QGeoLocation &other) const
bool operator==(const QGeoLocation &other) const

Detailed Description

A QGeoLocation consists of a coordinate and corresponding address, along with an optional bounding box which is the recommended region to be displayed when viewing the location.

Member Function Documentation

QGeoLocation::QGeoLocation(const QGeoLocation &other)

Constructs a copy of other


Constructs an new location object.

QGeoLocation &QGeoLocation::operator=(const QGeoLocation &other)

Assigns other to this location and returns a reference to this location.


Destroys the location object.

QGeoAddress QGeoLocation::address() const

Returns the address of the location.

See also setAddress().

QGeoRectangle QGeoLocation::boundingBox() const

Returns a bounding box which represents the recommended region to display when viewing this location.

For example, a building's location may have a region centered around the building, but the region is large enough to show it's immediate surrounding geographical context.

See also setBoundingBox().

QGeoCoordinate QGeoLocation::coordinate() const

Returns the coordinate of the location.

See also setCoordinate().

QVariantMap QGeoLocation::extendedAttributes() const

Returns the extended attributes associated to this location. Extended attributes are backend-dependent and can be location-dependent.

This function was introduced in Qt 5.13.

See also setExtendedAttributes().

bool QGeoLocation::isEmpty() const

Returns true if all fields of the location are 0; otherwise returns false.

void QGeoLocation::setAddress(const QGeoAddress &address)

Sets the address of the location.

See also address().

void QGeoLocation::setBoundingBox(const QGeoRectangle &boundingBox)

Sets the boundingBox of the location.

See also boundingBox().

void QGeoLocation::setCoordinate(const QGeoCoordinate &coordinate)

Sets the coordinate of the location.

See also coordinate().

void QGeoLocation::setExtendedAttributes(const QVariantMap &data)

Sets the extended attributes of the location with the parameters specified in data.

This function was introduced in Qt 5.13.

See also extendedAttributes().

bool QGeoLocation::operator!=(const QGeoLocation &other) const

Returns true if this location is not equal to other, otherwise returns false.

bool QGeoLocation::operator==(const QGeoLocation &other) const

Returns true if this location is equal to other, otherwise returns false.

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