QTextToSpeechPlugin Class

The QTextToSpeechPlugin class is the base for all text-to-speech plug-ins. More...

Header: #include <QTextToSpeechPlugin>
qmake: QT += texttospeech

Public Functions

virtual QTextToSpeechEngine *createTextToSpeechEngine(const QVariantMap &parameters, QObject *parent, QString *errorString) const

Detailed Description

A plug-in implementation should derive from QTextToSpeechPlugin and re-implement createTextToSpeechEngine().

Member Function Documentation

[virtual] QTextToSpeechEngine *QTextToSpeechPlugin::createTextToSpeechEngine(const QVariantMap &parameters, QObject *parent, QString *errorString) const

Factory method that is triggered by a call to QTextToSpeech::QTextToSpeech() when a provider name is given in the constructor and a text-to-speech plug-in matching the provider name was successfully loaded.

Value of parameters is currently always empty.

If an error occurs, the method should return 0 and (optionally) give a description of the error in errorString. In this case, QTextToSpeech::state() will return QTextToSpeech::BackendError.

If parent is 0, the caller takes the ownership of the returned engine instance.

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