AlphaCoverage QML Type

Enable alpha-to-coverage multisampling mode. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Render 2.7
Instantiates: QAlphaCoverage


Detailed Description

An AlphaCoverage type enables alpha-to-coverage multisampling mode. When enabled, the fragment alpha value is used as a coverage for the sample and combined with fragment coverage value. AlphaCoverage does nothing if multisampling is disabled. Alpha-to-coverage is most useful when order independent blending is required, for example when rendering leaves, grass and other rich vegetation.

It can be added to a RenderPass:

RenderPass {
    shaderProgram: ShaderProgram {
        // ...
    renderStates: [
        AlphaCoverage {},
        MultiSampleAntiAliasing {}

Or to a RenderStateSet:

See also MultiSampleAntiAliasing.

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