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Container for context-sensitive controls. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Controls



Detailed Description

ToolBar is a container of application-wide and context sensitive actions and controls, such as navigation buttons and search fields. ToolBar is commonly used as a header or a footer of an ApplicationWindow.

ToolBar does not provide a layout of its own, but requires you to position its contents, for instance by creating a RowLayout. If only a single item is used within the ToolBar, it will resize to fit the implicit size of its contained item. This makes it particularly suitable for use together with layouts.

ApplicationWindow {

    header: ToolBar {
        RowLayout {
            anchors.fill: parent
            ToolButton {
                text: qsTr("‹")
                onClicked: stack.pop()
            Label {
                text: "Title"
                elide: Label.ElideRight
                horizontalAlignment: Qt.AlignHCenter
                verticalAlignment: Qt.AlignVCenter
                Layout.fillWidth: true
            ToolButton {
                text: qsTr("⋮")

    StackView {
        id: stack
        anchors.fill: parent

See also ApplicationWindow, ToolButton, Customizing ToolBar, and Container Controls.

Property Documentation

position : enumeration

This property holds the position of the toolbar.

Note: If the toolbar is assigned as a header or footer of ApplicationWindow or Page, the appropriate position is set automatically.

Possible values:

ToolBar.HeaderThe toolbar is at the top, as a window or page header.
ToolBar.FooterThe toolbar is at the bottom, as a window or page footer.

The default value is style-specific.

See also ApplicationWindow::header, ApplicationWindow::footer, Page::header, and Page::footer.

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