EnterKey QML Type

Provides a property to manipulate the appearance of Enter key on an on-screen keyboard. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick

Attached Properties

  • type : enumeration

Detailed Description

The EnterKey attached property is used to manipulate the appearance and behavior of the Enter key on an on-screen keyboard.

Attached Property Documentation

EnterKey.type : enumeration

Holds the type of the Enter key.

Note: Not all of these values are supported on all platforms. For unsupported values the default key is used instead.

Qt.EnterKeyDefaultThe default Enter key. This can be either a button to accept the input and close the keyboard, or a Return button to enter a newline in case of a multi-line input field.
Qt.EnterKeyReturnShow a Return button that inserts a newline.
Qt.EnterKeyDoneShow a "Done" button. Typically, the keyboard is expected to close when the button is pressed.
Qt.EnterKeyGoShow a "Go" button. Typically used in an address bar when entering a URL.
Qt.EnterKeySendShow a "Send" button.
Qt.EnterKeySearchShow a "Search" button.
Qt.EnterKeyNextShow a "Next" button. Typically used in a form to allow navigating to the next input field without the keyboard closing.
Qt.EnterKeyPreviousShow a "Previous" button.

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