HeightFieldGeometry QML Type

A height field geometry. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.Helpers
Since: Qt 6.4



Detailed Description

This helper implements a height-field geometry. It defines a surface built from a grayscale image. The y-coordinate of the surface at a given point in the horizontal plane is determined by the pixel value at the corresponding point in the image. The image's x-axis and y-axis will go along the geometry's x-axis and z-axis respectively.

Property Documentation

extents : vector3d

This property defines the extents of the height-field, that is the dimensions of a box large enough to always contain the geometry. The default value is (100, 100, 100) when the image is square.

smoothShading : bool

This property defines whether the height map is shown with smooth shading or with hard angles between the squares of the map.

The default value is true, meaning smooth shading is turned on.

source : QUrl

This property defines the URL of the height map image.

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