LodManager QML Type

Manager that handles level of detail visibility changes. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.Helpers



Detailed Description

This helper provides a way to handle level of detail changes. It works by changing the visibility of its child nodes based on the distance to the camera. The thresholds are determined by the user using the distances list. The first distance is the threshold when the manager changes from showing the first child and the second child etc. The first child should be the most detailed one as it is shown when the camera is close. If fadeDistance is set, the manager cross-fades between models by changing their opacity. Fading only works with model nodes.

View3D {
    LodManager {
        camera: camera
        distances: [50, 100]
        fadeDistance: 10

        Model { ... }
        Model { ... }
        Model { ... }

Property Documentation

Specifies the camera from which the distance to the child nodes is calculated.

distances : list

Specifies the thresholds when the detail level changes. The first number is the distance when the first node changes to the second one, etc.

fadeDistance : real

Specifies the distance at which the cross-fade between the detail levels starts.

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