SpriteParticle3D QML Type

Particle using a 2D sprite texture. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.Particles3D
Since: Qt 6.2


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Detailed Description

The SpriteParticle3D is a logical particle element that creates particles from a 2D sprite texture.

Property Documentation

BlendMode : enumeration

Defines the blending mode for the particles.

SpriteParticle3D.SourceOverBlend particles with SourceOver mode.
SpriteParticle3D.ScreenBlend particles with Screen mode.
SpriteParticle3D.MultiplyBlend particles with Multiply mode.

billboard : bool

This property defines if the particle texture should always be aligned face towards the screen.

Note: When set to true, Particle3D alignMode property does not have an effect.

The default value is false.

blendMode : BlendMode

This property defines the blending mode used for rendering the particles.

The default value is SpriteParticle3D.SourceOver.

castsReflections : bool [since 6.4]

When this property is set to true, the sprite is rendered by reflection probes and can be seen in the reflections.

This property was introduced in Qt 6.4.

colorTable : Texture

This property defines the Texture used for coloring the particles. The image can be a 1D or a 2D texture. Horizontal pixels determine the particle color over its lifeSpan. For example, when the particle is halfway through its life, it will have the color specified halfway across the image. If the image is 2D, vertical row is randomly selected for each particle. For example, a c {256 x 4} image contains 4 different coloring options for particles.

lights : list<Light> [since 6.3]

This property contains a list of lights used for rendering the particles.

Note: For optimal performance, define lights only if they are needed and keep the amount of lights at minimum.

This property was introduced in Qt 6.3.

offsetX : float [since 6.3]

This property defines the particles offset in the X axis

This property was introduced in Qt 6.3.

offsetY : float [since 6.3]

This property defines the particles offset in the Y axis

This property was introduced in Qt 6.3.

particleScale : real

This property defines the scale multiplier of the particles. To adjust the particles sizes in the emitter, use ParticleEmitter3D particleScale, particleEndScale, and particleScaleVariation properties.

The default value is 5.0.

sprite : Texture

This property defines the Texture used for the particles.

For example, to use "snowFlake.png" as the particles texture:

SpriteParticle3D {
    id: snowParticle
    sprite: Texture {
        source: "images/snowflake.png"

spriteSequence : SpriteSequence3D

This property defines the sprite sequence properties for the particle. If the sprite texture contains a frame sequence, set this property to define the frame count, animation direction etc. features.

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