VectorDirection3D QML Type

For specifying a direction towards the target direction. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.Particles3D
Since: Qt 6.2



Detailed Description

This element sets emitted particle velocity towards the target direction vector. The length of the direction vector is used as the velocity magnitude.

For example, to emit particles towards some random direction within x: 50..150, y: -20..20, z: 0:

ParticleEmitter3D {
    velocity: VectorDirection3D {
        direction: Qt.vector3d(100, 0, 0)
        directionVariation: Qt.vector3d(50, 20, 0)

Property Documentation

direction : vector3d

This property defines the direction for particles target.

The default value is (0, 100, 0) (upwards on the y-axis).

See also directionVariation.

directionVariation : vector3d

This property defines the direction variation for particles target.

The default value is (0, 0, 0) (no variation).

See also direction.

normalized : bool

This property defines if the direction should be normalized after applying the variation. When this is false, variation affects the magnitude of the particles velocity. When set to true, variation affects the direction, but the magnitude is determined by the original direction length.

The default value is false.

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