QWebEngineLoadingInfo Class

A utility type for the WebEngineView::loadingChanged signal. More...

Header: #include <QWebEngineLoadingInfo>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS WebEngineCore)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::WebEngineCore)
qmake: QT += webenginecore
Since: Qt 6.2
Instantiated By: WebEngineLoadingInfo

Public Types

enum ErrorDomain { NoErrorDomain, InternalErrorDomain, ConnectionErrorDomain, CertificateErrorDomain, HttpErrorDomain, …, HttpStatusCodeDomain }
enum LoadStatus { LoadStartedStatus, LoadStoppedStatus, LoadSucceededStatus, LoadFailedStatus }


Public Functions

int errorCode() const
QWebEngineLoadingInfo::ErrorDomain errorDomain() const
QString errorString() const
bool isErrorPage() const
QMultiMap<QByteArray, QByteArray> responseHeaders() const
QWebEngineLoadingInfo::LoadStatus status() const
QUrl url() const

Detailed Description

Contains information about a web page loading status change, such as the URL and current loading status (started, succeeded, stopped, failed).

See also QWebEnginePage::loadStarted, QWebEnginePage::loadFinished, and WebEngineView::loadingChanged.

Member Type Documentation

enum QWebEngineLoadingInfo::ErrorDomain

This enumeration holds the type of a load error:

QWebEngineLoadingInfo::NoErrorDomain0Error type is not known.
QWebEngineLoadingInfo::InternalErrorDomain1Content cannot be interpreted by Qt WebEngine.
QWebEngineLoadingInfo::ConnectionErrorDomain2Error results from a faulty network connection.
QWebEngineLoadingInfo::CertificateErrorDomain3Error is related to the SSL/TLS certificate.
QWebEngineLoadingInfo::HttpErrorDomain4Error is related to the HTTP connection.
QWebEngineLoadingInfo::FtpErrorDomain5Error is related to the FTP connection.
QWebEngineLoadingInfo::DnsErrorDomain6Error is related to the DNS connection.
QWebEngineLoadingInfo::HttpStatusCodeDomain7Error is the HTTP response status code, even in case of success e.g. the server replied with status 200.

enum QWebEngineLoadingInfo::LoadStatus

This enumeration represents the load status of a web page load request:

QWebEngineLoadingInfo::LoadStartedStatus0Page is currently loading.
QWebEngineLoadingInfo::LoadStoppedStatus1Loading the page was stopped by the stop() method or by the loader code or network stack in Chromium.
QWebEngineLoadingInfo::LoadSucceededStatus2Page has been loaded with success.
QWebEngineLoadingInfo::LoadFailedStatus3Page could not be loaded.

Property Documentation

[read-only] errorCode : const int

Holds the error code.

Access functions:

int errorCode() const

[read-only] errorString : const QString

Holds the error message.

Access functions:

QString errorString() const

[read-only] isErrorPage : const bool

Indicates if the load resulted in an error page.

Access functions:

bool isErrorPage() const

[read-only, since 6.6] responseHeaders : const QMultiMap<QByteArray,QByteArray>

Holds the response headers when QWebEngineLoadingInfo::status() is equal to QWebEngineLoadingInfo::LoadSucceededStatus or QWebEngineLoadingInfo::LoadFailedStatus.

This property was introduced in Qt 6.6.

Access functions:

QMultiMap<QByteArray, QByteArray> responseHeaders() const

[read-only] status : const LoadStatus

This property holds the load status of the page.

Access functions:

QWebEngineLoadingInfo::LoadStatus status() const

[read-only] url : const QUrl

Holds the URL of the load request.

Access functions:

QUrl url() const

Member Function Documentation

QUrl QWebEngineLoadingInfo::url() const

Returns the URL of the load request.

Note: Getter function for property url.

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