Qt for Android Automotive Overview

Qt for Android Automotive allows you to leverage the many features of the Qt framework while still being able to deploy a native application to the Android Automotive OS utilizing several features. The driving force behind this product is to help create rich user interfaces for IVI (in-vehicle infotainment) systems.

What is included

Qt for Android Automotive is separated into several modules and plugins that address common or interdependent areas of functionality. You can easily include these in your project, as described in each module's specific API documentation.

For information on advanced customization of the modules, see Qt Configure Options in the Qt framework documentation.

Qt Android Activity View Module

The Qt Android Activity View module enables embedding other Android apps using QML.

Qt Android Automotive Base Module

The Qt Android Automotive Base module contains APIs to manage various Android and Android Automotive features.

Qt Android Automotive Media Module

The Qt Android Automotive Media module contains APIs to manage multimedia features.

Qt Android Automotive Vehicle Module

The Qt Android Automotive Vehicle module helps accessing vehicle-specific functionality.

Each of these modules has C++ and QML APIs as well as documented example applications you can use to test your toolchain and target, or as a starting point for developing your apps.

Under the hood

Qt for Android Automotive is built on top of Qt for Android, see Qt for Android: How It Works for more information.

Below is a picture of the different layers of Qt for Android Automotive.

For more information see the relevant module documentation.


Releases are tied to the corresponding Qt for Android version.

For information on specific hardware, firmware and operating system combinations for your toolchain see Supported Target Boards and Development Hosts.


For dependencies in addition to Qt for Android see the specific module pages of Qt for Android Automotive.

Licenses and Attributions

Qt for Android Automotive is available under commercial license from The Qt Company. The license terms and conditions are available at https://www.qt.io/terms-conditions/.

See Licenses used in Qt for Android Automotive for more information.

Where to go from here?

Head to the Qt for Android Automotive Quick Starter Guide, examples, or head back to the home page where you will find the list of modules as well as what's new and other important information in this version.

Note: This documentation uses the same terms as the Android Automotive Documentation.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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