QAndroidDriverDistraction Class

Helper class that enables following user experience (UX) restriction state changes. More...

Header: #include <QAndroidDriverDistraction>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS AndroidAutomotiveVehicle)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::AndroidAutomotiveVehicle)
Since: Qt 6.4
Inherits: QObject

Public Types

enum QRestriction { Baseline, NoDialpad, NoFiltering, LimitStringLength, NoKeyboard, …, NoVoiceTranscription }
flags QRestrictions

Public Functions

QAndroidDriverDistraction::QRestrictions currentRestrictions() const
int maxContentDepth() const
int maxCumulativeContentItems() const
int maxRestrictedStringLength() const


void maxContentDepthChanged(int maxContentDepth)
void maxCumulativeContentItemsChanged(int maxCumulativeContentItems)
void maxRestrictedStringLengthChanged(int maxRestrictedStringLength)
void restrictionsChanged(QAndroidDriverDistraction::QRestrictions restrictions)

Static Public Members

QAndroidDriverDistraction *instance()

Detailed Description

Android Automotive's Driver Distraction feature is described in Driver Distraction Guidelines.

Member Type Documentation

enum QAndroidDriverDistraction::QRestriction
flags QAndroidDriverDistraction::QRestrictions

Flags for determining which Car UX Restrictions are active.

QAndroidDriverDistraction::Baseline0No specific restrictions in place.
QAndroidDriverDistraction::NoDialpad1 << 0No dialpad for the purpose of initiating a phone call.
QAndroidDriverDistraction::NoFiltering1 << 1No filtering a list with alpha-numeric character via the use of a character entry method.
QAndroidDriverDistraction::LimitStringLength1 << 2Strings length cannot exceed the character limit.
QAndroidDriverDistraction::NoKeyboard1 << 3No text entry for the purpose of searching or other manual text string entry activities.
QAndroidDriverDistraction::NoVideo1 << 4No video.
QAndroidDriverDistraction::LimitContent1 << 5Limit the number of items a user can browse through in total, in a single task.
QAndroidDriverDistraction::NoSetup1 << 6No setup that requires form entry or interaction with external devices.
QAndroidDriverDistraction::NoTextMessage1 << 7No Text Message.
QAndroidDriverDistraction::NoVoiceTranscription1 << 8No text transcription (live or leave behind) of voice can be shown.

The QRestrictions type is a typedef for QFlags<QRestriction>. It stores an OR combination of QRestriction values.

Member Function Documentation

QAndroidDriverDistraction::QRestrictions QAndroidDriverDistraction::currentRestrictions() const

Returns the current Car UX Restrictions state.

[static] QAndroidDriverDistraction *QAndroidDriverDistraction::instance()

Returns a pointer to the QAndroidDriverDistraction instance.

int QAndroidDriverDistraction::maxContentDepth() const

Returns the current maximum content depth.

[signal] void QAndroidDriverDistraction::maxContentDepthChanged(int maxContentDepth)

This signal is emitted when the maximum allowable number of content depth levels or view traversals through any one path in a single task changed. The maxContentDepth indicates the new maximum number of content depth.

int QAndroidDriverDistraction::maxCumulativeContentItems() const

Returns the current maximum cumulative content items.

[signal] void QAndroidDriverDistraction::maxCumulativeContentItemsChanged(int maxCumulativeContentItems)

This signal is emitted when the maximum allowable number of content items that can be displayed to a user during traversal through any one path in a single task changed. The maxCumulativeContentItems indicates the new maximum number of content items changed.

int QAndroidDriverDistraction::maxRestrictedStringLength() const

Returns the current maximum restricted string length.

[signal] void QAndroidDriverDistraction::maxRestrictedStringLengthChanged(int maxRestrictedStringLength)

This signal is emitted when the maximum length of general purpose strings that can be displayed, levels or view traversals through any one path in a single task, has changed. The maxRestrictedStringLength indicates the new maximum string length.

[signal] void QAndroidDriverDistraction::restrictionsChanged(QAndroidDriverDistraction::QRestrictions restrictions)

This signal is emitted when Car UX Restrictions that are active have changed. The restrictions parameter indicates the new combination of active Car UX Restrictions.

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