ApplicationInterfaceExtension QML Type

Client side access to IPC interface extensions in the System UI. More...

Import Statement: import QtApplicationManager.Application 2.0


Detailed Description

This is the client side type used to access IPC interfaces, registered via the ApplicationIPCManager on the System UI side.

ApplicationInterfaceExtension {
    id: testInterface
    name: "io.qt.test.interface"

    onReadyChanged: {
        if (ready)
            var v = object.testFunction(42, "string")

Property Documentation

name : string

The name of the interface, as it was registered by ApplicationIPCManager::registerInterface.

[read-only] object : QtObject

The actual IPC object, which has all the signals, slots and properties exported from the server side. Will be null, until ready becomes true.

[read-only] ready : bool

This property will change to true, as soon as the connection to the remote interface has succeeded. In multi-process setups, it takes a few milli-seconds to establish the D-Bus connection.

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