libdbus, version 1.15.9

libdbus is the reference implementation of D-Bus.

Optionally used in Qt ApplicationManager on Windows and macOS. Configure with –libdbus=no to avoid.

The sources can be found in qtapplicationmanager/src/3rdparty/libdbus.

Project Homepage, upstream version: 1.15.9

Copyright the DBus project authors.

Academic Free License v2.1, or GNU General Public License v2.0 or later.

dbus is licensed to you under your choice of the Academic Free
License version 2.1, or the GNU General Public License version 2
(or, at your option any later version).
The full text of these licenses can be found in LICENSES/AFL-2.1.txt
and LICENSES/GPL-2.0-or-later.txt.

Some source files are under more permissive BSD-/MIT-style licenses
that are compatible with the AFL and GPL.

When contributing new code, our preferred license for new code is the
version of the MIT/X11 license used by the Expat library, referred to
as "MIT" by SPDX, which can be found in LICENSES/MIT.txt.

Some of the standalone binaries are under the GPL only; in particular,
but not limited to, tools/dbus-cleanup-sockets.c and test/decode-gcov.c.

Each source code file is marked with the proper copyright information -
if you find a file that isn't marked please bring it to our attention.

Some files contain a SPDX-License-Identifier marker. These markers
indicate the license of that file, consistent with the SPDX and REUSE
specifications: see <>. dbus is not yet fully
REUSE-compliant, and not all files carry these markers.

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