Before you create an SDK, you must have the appropriate tools and other dependencies installed. If you use the scripts in the Qt SDK Git repository for creating the SDK, install the following tools and Git repositories:

Qt SDK Git RepositoryClone the Qt SDK Git repository. The repository contains all the scripts required for creating an SDK.
Python 2.7The scripts in Qt SDK Git repository have been written with Python. For more information, see Python 2.7.
7-ZipA compression format that is used by the scripts in Qt SDK Git. You must add 7-Zip to the PATH environment variable. For more information, see 7-Zip.
Direct SSH accessIf you use a network storage for backing up the built content, you must enable direct SSH access for the network storage.

Build Scripts in Qt SDK Git Repository

After you have cloned the Qt SDK Git repository, you find the following files under the path <qtsdk directory>/packaging-tools:

File NameDescription
bld_ifw_tools.pyBuilds static IFW libraries and tools.
create_installer.pyCreates offline installers, online installers, and online repositories. The script depends on the libraries and the tools created by

Note: You can get more information about the tools by using the command line arguments --help or /?. For example, you can use --help as follows:

python --help

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