LocaleItem Class

The LocaleItem class represents a locale. More...

Header: #include <LocaleItem>
qmake: QT += localesettings
Inherits: QObject


Public Functions

LocaleItem(const QLocale &locale, QObject *parent = Q_NULLPTR)
QString code() const
QString country() const
QString language() const

Detailed Description

This class holds the name, language, and country code of a locale.

If available, the native country name and language are used. For example, Deutsch and Deutschland for the German locale.

See also QLocale and LocaleModel.

Property Documentation

code : const QString

This property holds the locale code string.

The locale code is in the format language_country, where language is a lowercase, two-letter ISO 639 language code, and country is an uppercase, two- or three-letter ISO 3166 country code.

Access functions:

QString code() const

See also QLocale::name().

country : const QString

This property holds the name of the country.

Access functions:

QString country() const

See also QLocale::Country.

language : const QString

This property holds the name of the language.

Access functions:

QString language() const

See also QLocale::Language.

Member Function Documentation

LocaleItem::LocaleItem(const QLocale &locale, QObject *parent = Q_NULLPTR)

Creates the locale item locale with the parent parent.

QString LocaleItem::code() const

Returns the country code of the country.

Note: Getter function for property code.

QString LocaleItem::country() const

Returns the name of the country.

Note: Getter function for property country.

QString LocaleItem::language() const

Returns the language of the country.

Note: Getter function for property language.

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