QNetworkSettingsWireless Class

The QNetworkSettingsWireless class encapsulates the configuration for a Wifi network service. More...

Header: #include <QNetworkSettingsWireless>
qmake: QT += networksettings

Public Types

flags Securities
enum class Security { None, WEP, WPA, WPA2 }


Public Functions

QNetworkSettingsWireless(QObject *parent = nullptr)
bool hidden() const
bool outOfRange() const
void setHidden(const bool hidden)
void setOutOfRange(const bool aOutOfRange)
void setSecurity(const QNetworkSettingsWireless::Securities securities)
void setSignalStrength(const int signalStrength)
int signalStrength() const
bool supportsSecurity(QNetworkSettingsWireless::Security security)


Detailed Description

Member Type Documentation

enum class QNetworkSettingsWireless::Security
flags QNetworkSettingsWireless::Securities

This enum type holds the wireless security protocol used to protect the connection.

QNetworkSettingsWireless::Security::None0x0000Not protected
QNetworkSettingsWireless::Security::WEP0x0002Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
QNetworkSettingsWireless::Security::WPA0x0004Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
QNetworkSettingsWireless::Security::WPA20x0008Wi-Fi Protected Access, version 2 (WPA2)

The Securities type is a typedef for QFlags<Security>. It stores an OR combination of Security values.

Property Documentation

[read-only] hidden : const bool

Holds whether the wireless SSID is hidden.

Access functions:

bool hidden() const

Notifier signal:

void hiddenChanged()

isOutOfRange : bool

Holds whether the Wifi access point is out of range.

Access functions:

bool outOfRange() const
void setOutOfRange(const bool aOutOfRange)

Notifier signal:

void outOfRangeChanged()

signalStrength : int

Holds the Wifi signal strength, in the range from 0 to 100.

Access functions:

int signalStrength() const
void setSignalStrength(const int signalStrength)

Notifier signal:

void signalStrengthChanged()

Member Function Documentation

[explicit] QNetworkSettingsWireless::QNetworkSettingsWireless(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Creates a new Wifi network configuration with the parent parent.

[signal] void QNetworkSettingsWireless::passwordChanged()

This signal is sent when the password has changed.

void QNetworkSettingsWireless::setHidden(const bool hidden)

Sets hidden status.

The QNetworkSettingsWireless::hiddenChanged signal is emitted when the hidden status is changed.

See also hidden().

void QNetworkSettingsWireless::setSecurity(const QNetworkSettingsWireless::Securities securities)

Sets securities flags.

[invokable] bool QNetworkSettingsWireless::supportsSecurity(QNetworkSettingsWireless::Security security)

Returns whether the Wifi network supports the wireless security protocol specified in security.

Note: This function can be invoked via the meta-object system and from QML. See Q_INVOKABLE.

See also QNetworkSettingsWireless::Security.

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