Advertisements Overview

Advertising on Mobile, Desktop, Embedded Devices and Applications

Programmatic advertisement can be described as the use of software and automation to buy and sell digital advertising. In contrast to traditional methods that include requests for proposals and human negotiation, programmatic advertising utilizes algorithms to purchase display space automatically, using data to determine which spaces to buy, how much to pay and who is the target of the campaign.

Programmatic advertising happens through Real-time bidding (RTB) i.e. a subset of programmatic advertising that facilitates the buying and selling of ad inventories via an auction.

You can manage your ad sales business and monetize your inventory programmatically using the Ad Inventory Management connecting you to several third-party party Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) through available transaction types such as Open Exchange, Private Market Place (PMP) Deals, or manage your own direct Ad Campaigns.

Open exchangeMultiple buyers can bid on the same inventory in the auction. After a buyer wins the auction, the ad will be sent to your screen on a real-time basis when your system indicates to the ad server that inventory is available.
Private Marketplace (PMP) dealsOne or more buyers can bid on fixed-rate inventory that is exclusive to a deal set up through the ad platform.
Ad ServingDirect ad Deals meaning you use our technology but deal with the advertiser directly.

Using the Qt Digital Advertising component, you’re limited to testing and evaluating the digital advertising solution. This means you're allowed to develop and run test ad placements using Qt test creatives without any charges.

However, when you decide to move the Qt Digital Advertising component to production and serve personalised ad creatives or monetize using our advertising solutions, you will need additional access to the ad serving platforms and sign the Qt Digital Advertising Platform Agreement.

We have a dedicated team of account managers to help you throughout the process and get you access to the ad-serving platform. A detailed and personalised walkthrough of the advertising management process will be made available to ensure all your questions are answered before you get started. Contact us.

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