The maximum paragraph size for a string that requires the text shaping engine. The default value is 100. This setting is applicable only in combination with QUL_COMPLEX_TEXT_RENDERING.

The strings that do not need to go through the text shaping engine can be longer than QUL_MAX_PARAGRAPH_SIZE. For all other strings, if the string exceeds QUL_MAX_PARAGRAPH_SIZE, that is considered an error, and the placeholder glyphs will be displayed instead. It is the programmers responsibility to ensure that strings won't exceed QUL_MAX_PARAGRAPH_SIZE.

For text that is not known at compile-time (e.g. fetched from the network), the programmer can insert 0x000A (End of Line) Unicode character at appropriate places to make it fit into QUL_MAX_PARAGRAPH_SIZE chunks.


set_target_properties(<Executable Target> PROPERTIES

See also languages and writing systems and text shaping.

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