Qt Quick Ultralite Platform API


Provides a simple memory allocator for functions that might temporarily require some extra memory for caching


Provides abstraction for the memory allocation


Provides abstraction for platform-specific queues


Provides abstraction functionality for the platform


A dispatcher for single point touch events


Provides arc handling convenience functions


Workaround for 2D accelerators that don't have a way to blend a color directly


Provides an abstract drawing device


Provides an abstraction for blitting accelerators


Provides functions to report errors


Provides a class for matrix manipulations


Provides an abstraction for managing hardware layers


Provides functions to print logs


Provides an abstraction for memory allocation


Provides classes for representing and handling path data


Generates path data for stroke representation


Provides pointer to the pixel data stored in the memory


Provides basic interfaces from the Qt Quick Ultralite core library to be used by the platform implementation


Provides integer and floating point precision points


Provides C API for printing functions


Provides integer and floating point precision rectangles


Provides a class for RGBA colors


Provides abstraction class for screens


Provides integer and floating point precision sizes


Provides a class to store texture information


Provides API for transformations

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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