Command-line Setup for NXP Boards

Assuming that the prerequisites are installed, the following subsections provide instructions to set up your environment using the command line.

Note: This page uses QUL_ROOT and QUL_TOOLS in command line examples as if they were set as environment variables. They could be set for example:

export QUL_ROOT=$HOME/Qt/QtMCUs/2.2
export QUL_TOOLS=$HOME/Qt/Tools/QtMCUs
set QUL_ROOT=C:\Qt\QtMCUs\2.2
set QUL_TOOLS=C:\Qt\Tools\QtMCUs

Build configuration

Configure the following CMake variables. For more information, see the CMake Manual.

Qul_ROOTSet the Qul_ROOT to the Qt for MCUs SDK install path.

Note: This CMake variable is intentionally mixed-case since it needs to match the package name.

QUL_PLATFORMThe platform must be set to the corresponding board and the OS you plan to use. For example, set the variable for MIMXRT1050-EVK on baremetal.
CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILEFor example, set it to the Arm GCC toolchain configuration file.
QUL_TARGET_TOOLCHAIN_DIRQUL_TARGET_TOOLCHAIN_DIR cmake cache entry needs to be used to provide the location of the used toolchain.
QUL_BOARD_SDK_DIRFor example, set it to the MIMXRT1050-EVKB SDK install path
QUL_COLOR_DEPTHThe color depth supported by the platform you have chosen. For example, set it to 16-bit.

Note: If this variable is not set, default color depth is used while configuring for the platform.

MCUXPRESSO_IDE_PATHSet the MCUXPRESSO_IDE_PATH CMake cache entry to your MCUXpresso IDE installation path.

Flash targets are created if the NXP_Flash_tool is found under MCUXPRESSO_IDE_PATH.

Note: in a Qt Quick Ultralite project the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE CMake argument is by default set to MinSizeRel. MinSizeRel is the build type used for the pre-built platform libraries shipped with Qt Quick Ultralite. If you want to change the build type (e.g. to Release) you can do so by invoking cmake with -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release. Please refer to this page for more information.

Building applications with prebuilt Qt Quick Ultralite libraries

The following example commands are used to build the minimal example for MIMXRT1050-EVK:

cd $QUL_ROOT/examples/minimal
mkdir build
cd build
cmake --build .
cd %QUL_ROOT%\examples\minimal
mkdir build
cd build
cmake --build .

Once you have successfully built the minimal example application, use the following command to flash it:

cmake --build . --target flash_minimal

The same procedure applies to any other application.

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