In the context of qmlproject, a property of type AllocationType is a number, which will be mapped to the internal Qul::PlatformInterface::MemoryAllocator::AllocationType enumeration.

An AllocationType property can take one of the following values:

  • 0 (Default) The default type for large allocations.
  • 1 (Image) Memory allocation to store images created using the Qul::Image API
  • 2 (TextCache) Memory allocation for the text cache, which cashes multiple glyphs in a single image to avoid draw call overhead.
  • 3 (DefaultPreload) memory allocation for resources that are copied at startup from flash to RAM.
  • 4 (SparkCache) Preallocated cache buffer for Monotype Spark font engine, if FontConfiguration.MCU.fontCacheSize is set.
  • 5 (SparkHeap) Preallocated heap buffer for Monotype Spark font engine, if FontConfiguration.MCU.fontHeapSize is set.
  • 128 (Custom) This and higher enum values are reserved for platform-specific memory areas

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