This node is used to define project-wide default values. Nodes defined within the context of this node do not need the "MCU." prefix, which is required if the same node was part of a specific node such as ImageFiles, FontFiles, and so on.

For example:

MCU.Config {
  // Project-wide default value for resourceOptimizeForRotation.
  resourceOptimizeForRotation: "ON"

ImageFiles {
  // Here resourceOptimizeForRotation was explicitly defined for a specific ImageFiles node.
  MCU.resourceOptimizeForRotation: "OFF" // "MCU." prefix is required

ImageFiles {
  // MCU.resourceOptimizeForRotation was not defined but the value "ON" will be
  // picked from MCU.Config.

The MCU.Config node also admits some own properties that are not used by other node types:

Note: These properties can only be used in a MCU.Config node.


This node was introduced in QmlProject API 1.13 .

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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