Use this property to choose an image cache policy, which enables faster access to the image assets. The default cache policy varies depending on whether resourceCompression is ON or OFF. It is set to "OnDemand" if the resource compression is ON, otherwise to "OnStartup".

The following is a list of possible values:

"OnStartup"The data is copied to RAM on startup. Although this enables faster access to data, it might use up your limited RAM.
"OnDemand"The data is copied to the texture cache on demand. This is the default policy if resourceCompression is ON.
"NoCaching"The data is not copied to RAM. Drawing an image to the screen from storage may result in reduced performance.


MCU.Config {
    resourceCachePolicy: "NoCaching"


This property was introduced in QmlProject API 1.3 .

See also QUL_RESOURCE_CACHE_POLICY and ImageFiles.MCU.resourceCachePolicy.

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