By default, qmlprojectexporter generates a directory "config", with a set of plaintext files containing information about:

  • projectname.1.inputs.txt: Input files (Qml sources, images, etc.)
  • projectname.1.compiler_outputs.txt: Generated files (C++ sources, headers)
  • projectname.1.libraries.txt: Required libraries that should be linked when compiling the generated sources
  • projectname.1.linker_options.txt: options to pass to the linker

These plaintext files can be parsed by a 3rd party build system for generating dependency trees. They can also be useful for a user for configuring the build manually.

If the project makes use of modules, the configuration files for all the modules are also going to be located in the same output config directory.

This can be disabled by setting the --export-configuration flag to false.


This option was introduced in QmlProject API 1.3 .

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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