Path Struct

struct Qul::PlatformInterface::DrawingEngine::Path

An opaque handle representing a path. More...

This struct was introduced in Qt Quick Ultralite (Platform) 1.8.

Public Functions

virtual void free() = 0

Detailed Description

The drawing engine implementation can sub-class the Path class in order to keep a cached optimized representation of the path that is suitable for hardware blending.

See also DrawingEngine::allocatePath.

Member Function Documentation

[pure virtual, since Qt Quick Ultralite (Platform) 1.8] void Path::free()

Frees the given path handle.

The platform will release any cached platform specific data associated with the path handle when this function is called.

Note: If DrawingEngine::allocatePath returns NULL, then this function doesn't need to be overriden.

This function was introduced in Qt Quick Ultralite (Platform) 1.8.

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