Sets the frame width of the image file, to let Qt Quick Ultralite Tools optimize the image source for an AnimatedSprite item.


It informs the frame width of the image source to Qt Quick Ultralite Tools. The resource compiler (qulrcc tool) splits the image file into frame sequences which have the given width.

Note: If the two properties are not specified together, the resource compiler sets the missing property from the image size of the image source.

Warning: If ImageFiles.MCU.resourceAnimatedSpriteFrameWidth and ImageFiles.MCU.resourceAnimatedSpriteFrameHeight do not match with frameWidth and frameHeight of the AnimatedSprite item, it will have the cropped image or some margins.


This property is accepted in any context where its parent node is accepted. It takes an integer.

Code example:

    ImageFiles {
        files: [
        MCU.resourceAnimatedSpriteFrameWidth: 180
        MCU.resourceAnimatedSpriteFrameHeight: 160


This property was introduced in QmlProject API 1.3.

See also Managing Resources.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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