FramebufferFormat Struct

struct Qul::Platform::FramebufferFormat

This struct contains information about a framebuffer. More...

Header: #include <platform/framebufferformat.h>
Since: Qt Quick Ultralite (Platform) 2.3

Public Types

struct BitField

Public Variables

void *address
uint32_t bitsPerPixel
Qul::Platform::FramebufferFormat::BitField blueChannel
uint32_t bytesPerLine
Qul::Platform::FramebufferFormat::BitField greenChannel
uint32_t height
Qul::Platform::FramebufferFormat::BitField redChannel
uint32_t swapBytes
uint32_t width

Detailed Description

The data in this struct is used to interpret the contents of a framebuffer.

See also Qul::Platform::DeviceLinkInterface::framebufferFormat() and Porting DeviceLink Communication.

Member Variable Documentation

void *FramebufferFormat::address

This variable holds the address of the framebuffer.

uint32_t FramebufferFormat::bitsPerPixel

This variable holds the bits per pixel of the framebuffer.

Qul::Platform::FramebufferFormat::BitField FramebufferFormat::blueChannel

Offset and length of the bits in the blue color channel.

uint32_t FramebufferFormat::bytesPerLine

This variable holds the bytes per line (stride) of the framebuffer.

Qul::Platform::FramebufferFormat::BitField FramebufferFormat::greenChannel

Offset and length of the bits in the green color channel.

uint32_t FramebufferFormat::height

This variable holds the height in pixels of the framebuffer.

Qul::Platform::FramebufferFormat::BitField FramebufferFormat::redChannel

Offset and length of the bits in the red color channel.

uint32_t FramebufferFormat::swapBytes

Group size of bytes to swap.

If set to 0, no swapping is done. If set to 2, every pair of bytes are swapped. If set to 4, every set of four bytes are reversed, so that BGRA becomes ARGB.

uint32_t FramebufferFormat::width

This variable holds the width in pixels of the framebuffer.

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