LayerPropertiesBase Struct

struct Qul::PlatformInterface::LayerEngine::LayerPropertiesBase

Public Variables

bool enabled
int id
float opacity
Qul::PlatformInterface::Point position
Qul::PlatformInterface::LayerEngine::RenderingHints renderingHints
int z

Detailed Description

Layer properties.

Member Variable Documentation

bool LayerPropertiesBase::enabled

This variable holds whether the layer is enabled or not.

If the layer is disabled it should not be shown.

int LayerPropertiesBase::id

This variable holds the layer's platform id.

This value can be useful to set platform specific properties on a specific layer. For example, the main function could make a function call like this:

setCustomLayerProperty(1, value);

And the platform could implement this function to store the property in a dictionary and then take it into consideration when allocating the layer.

float LayerPropertiesBase::opacity

This variable holds the layer's opacity, from 0 to 1.

A value of 1 means fully opaque, whereas a value of 0 means fully transparent. A value in-between means partially transparent.

Qul::PlatformInterface::Point LayerPropertiesBase::position

This variable holds the layer's position.

Qul::PlatformInterface::LayerEngine::RenderingHints LayerPropertiesBase::renderingHints

This variable holds the layer's rendering hints.

The hints can be used by the platform to choose a sensible layer configuration.

int LayerPropertiesBase::z

This variable holds the z-order of the layer.

The sibling layer with the highest z value will appear on top.

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