QIviAbstractQueryTerm Class

The base class of all query terms. More...

Header: #include <QIviAbstractQueryTerm>
qmake: QT += ivicore
Inherited By:

QIviConjunctionTerm, QIviFilterTerm, and QIviScopeTerm

Public Types

enum Type { FilterTerm, ConjunctionTerm, ScopeTerm }

Public Functions

virtual QString toString() const = 0
virtual QIviAbstractQueryTerm::Type type() const = 0

Detailed Description

Following terms are supported:


The representation of a conjunction between two query terms


The representation of a filter


The representation of a scope which can hold another term

See Qt IVI Query Language for how it can be used.

Member Type Documentation

enum QIviAbstractQueryTerm::Type

QIviAbstractQueryTerm::FilterTerm0A filter term stands for a filter which checks a specific identifier against a given value.
QIviAbstractQueryTerm::ConjunctionTerm1A conjunction term can combine multiple terms together, either by a OR or an AND conjunction.
QIviAbstractQueryTerm::ScopeTerm2A scope term is used to group terms together, e.g. to apply a negation to a group.

Member Function Documentation

[pure virtual] QString QIviAbstractQueryTerm::toString() const

Returns a string representation of the query.

[pure virtual] QIviAbstractQueryTerm::Type QIviAbstractQueryTerm::type() const

Returns the type of this query term.

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