QIviAbstractZonedFeature Class

The QIviAbstractZonedFeature is the base class for all QtIvi vehicle features. More...

Header: #include <QIviAbstractZonedFeature>
qmake: QT += ivicore
Since: Qt 5.6
Instantiated By: AbstractZonedFeature
Inherits: QIviAbstractFeature
Inherited By:

QIviClimateControl and QIviWindowControl

This class was introduced in Qt 5.6.


Public Functions

QIviAbstractZonedFeature(const QString &interface, const QString &zone = QString(), QObject *parent = nullptr)
QStringList availableZones() const
QString zone() const
QIviAbstractZonedFeature *zoneAt(const QString &zone) const
QList<QIviAbstractZonedFeature *> zones() const


void availableZonesChanged(QStringList zones)
void zoneChanged()
void zonesChanged()

Protected Functions

QIviZonedFeatureInterface *backend(const QString &interface = QString()) const
virtual QIviAbstractZonedFeature *createZoneFeature(const QString &zone) = 0

Reimplemented Protected Functions

virtual bool acceptServiceObject(QIviServiceObject *serviceObject) override
virtual void clearServiceObject() override
virtual void connectToServiceObject(QIviServiceObject *serviceObject) override

Detailed Description

QIviAbstractZonedFeature contains all feature attributes and zone handling.

Property Documentation

availableZones : const QStringList

List of the available zones.

Access functions:

QStringList availableZones() const

Notifier signal:

void availableZonesChanged(QStringList zones)

zone : const QString

Name of the zone of this zoned feature.

The zone can be given in the feature initialization. With this property it's possible to control only a single specific feature zone.

This property is writable only before the backend is connected. When the backend is discovered and the component is verified to be valid, zone is not writable anymore. It's not recommended to change the zone after the initialization.

It's recommended to initialize the zone in the feature constructor:

QIviClimateControl *climateControl = new QIviClimateControl("FrontLeft", this);
QString zone = climateControl->zone();

Access functions:

QString zone() const

Notifier signal:

void zoneChanged()

zoneAt : const QVariantMap

Direct feature access to the given zone.

Notifier signal:

void zonesChanged()

zones : const QVariantList

Access to the feature zones model.

Notifier signal:

void zonesChanged()

Member Function Documentation

QIviAbstractZonedFeature::QIviAbstractZonedFeature(const QString &interface, const QString &zone = QString(), QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs a vehicle feature with a specific interface and zone.

If parent is of type QIviAbstractZonedFeature, then the created instance uses parent for the backend connection. Parent is connected to the backend and will forward updates between child features and the backend.

See also QIviAbstractFeature.

[override virtual protected] bool QIviAbstractZonedFeature::acceptServiceObject(QIviServiceObject *serviceObject)

Reimplements: QIviAbstractFeature::acceptServiceObject(QIviServiceObject *serviceObject).

[protected] QIviZonedFeatureInterface *QIviAbstractZonedFeature::backend(const QString &interface = QString()) const

Returns pointer to the backend interface

Returns parent backend if parent is QIviAbstractZonedFeature type. Returns zero if no backend connected.

[override virtual protected] void QIviAbstractZonedFeature::clearServiceObject()

Reimplements: QIviAbstractFeature::clearServiceObject().

[override virtual protected] void QIviAbstractZonedFeature::connectToServiceObject(QIviServiceObject *serviceObject)

Reimplements: QIviAbstractFeature::connectToServiceObject(QIviServiceObject *serviceObject).

[pure virtual protected] QIviAbstractZonedFeature *QIviAbstractZonedFeature::createZoneFeature(const QString &zone)

Create new child feature to the given zone.

Returns zero if feature can't be created for the given feature and zone.

QIviAbstractZonedFeature *QIviAbstractZonedFeature::zoneAt(const QString &zone) const

Returns the given zone instance of the feature.

QList<QIviAbstractZonedFeature *> QIviAbstractZonedFeature::zones() const

Returns all zone instances of the feature.

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