QIviMediaDeviceDiscoveryModelBackendInterface Class

The QIviMediaDeviceDiscoveryModelBackendInterface defines the interface for backends to the QIviMediaDeviceDiscoveryModel feature class. More...

Header: #include <QIviMediaDeviceDiscoveryModelBackendInterface>
qmake: QT += ivimedia
Inherits: QIviFeatureInterface

Public Functions

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual void initialize() override = 0


void availableDevices(const QList<QIviServiceObject *> devices)
void deviceAdded(QIviServiceObject *device)
void deviceRemoved(QIviServiceObject *device)

Detailed Description

The QIviMediaDeviceDiscoveryModelBackendInterface is the interface used by QIviMediaDeviceDiscoveryModel

The interface is discovered by a QIviMediaDeviceDiscoveryModel object, which connects to it and sets it up.

<example of a fully featured backend>

Member Function Documentation

QIviMediaDeviceDiscoveryModelBackendInterface::QIviMediaDeviceDiscoveryModelBackendInterface(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs a backend interface.

The parent is sent to the QObject constructor.

[signal] void QIviMediaDeviceDiscoveryModelBackendInterface::availableDevices(const QList<QIviServiceObject *> devices)

This signal is emitted after a call to initialize() and indicates all the already connected devices, which are ready to be used.

See also initialize().

[signal] void QIviMediaDeviceDiscoveryModelBackendInterface::deviceAdded(QIviServiceObject *device)

This signal is emitted when a new device is added to the system and is ready to be used.

[signal] void QIviMediaDeviceDiscoveryModelBackendInterface::deviceRemoved(QIviServiceObject *device)

This signal is emitted when a device has been removed from the system and cannot be used anymore.

[override pure virtual] void QIviMediaDeviceDiscoveryModelBackendInterface::initialize()

Reimplements: QIviFeatureInterface::initialize().

Initializes the backend. This function is called after a feature connected to the backend. It is expected that this function will use the availableDevices signal to inform the feature about the currently available devices.

Note: It may happen that a second feature instance is connecting to the same backend and because of this, this function can be called multiple times. The implementation should inform about the current state after every call.

See also availableDevices().

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