MediaDevice QML Type

MediaDevice is the base item for all Media Devices. More...

Import Statement: import QtInterfaceFramework.Media 1.0
Instantiates: QIfMediaDevice
Inherited By:



Detailed Description

A Media Device is an externally or internally connected device on which media is stored. It can be a physical medium like a USB thumbdrive or a CD/DVD, but it could also be a DLNA Media Server running on a different machine e.g. on the rear seat entertainment system.

Media Devices can be retrieved by using the MediaDeviceDiscoveryModel, which asks the backend which devices it knows of that are currently connected to the Interface Framework system.

Supported Media Devices

The following media devices are supported by the QIfMedia module:


Represents a USB device connected to the system

Property Documentation

[read-only] name : string

The name of the media device. E.g. the CD-name or the name of the thumbdrive.

[read-only] type : string

The type of the media device. E.g. "usb", "CD". See QmlSupportedMediaDevices for the supported Devices.

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