PlayQueue QML Type

Provides a play queue for the MediaPlayer. More...

Import Statement: import QtInterfaceFramework.Media 1.0
Instantiates: QIfPlayQueue




  • object get(i)
  • insert(int index, PlayableItem item)
  • move(int cur_index, int new_index)
  • remove(int index)

Detailed Description

The PlayQueue is a model which is used by the MediaPlayer to control the play order of PlayableItems.

It provides mechanisms for adding new items and managing the existing ones by removing or moving them around.

The PlayQueue can't be instantiated by its own and can only be retrieved through the MediaPlayer.

Property Documentation

chunkSize : int

Holds the number of rows which are requested from the backend interface.

This property can be used to fine tune the loading performance.

Bigger chunks means less calls to the backend and to a potential IPC underneath, but more data to be transferred and probably longer waiting time until the request was finished.

[read-only] count : int

Holds the current number of rows in this model.

currentIndex : int

Holds the index of the currently active track.

Use the get() method to retrieve more information about the active track.

fetchMoreThreshold : int

Holds the row delta to the end before the next chunk is loaded

This property can be used to fine tune the loading performance. When the threshold is reached the next chunk of rows are requested from the backend. How many rows are fetched can be defined by using the chunkSize property.

The threshold defines the number of rows before the cached rows ends.

Note: This property is only used when loadingType is set to FetchMore.

loadingType : enumeration

Holds the currently used loading type used for loading the data.

Note: When changing this property the content will be reset.

Signal Documentation


This signal is emitted whenever the fetchMoreThreshold is reached and new data is requested from the backend.

Note: The corresponding handler is onFetchMoreThresholdReached.

Method Documentation

object get(i)

Returns the item at index i.

insert(int index, PlayableItem item)

Insert the item at the position index.

If the backend doesn't accept the provided item, this operation will end in a no op.

move(int cur_index, int new_index)

Moves the item at position cur_index to the new position new_index the play queue.

remove(int index)

Removes the item at position index from the play queue.

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