TunerStation QML Type

The TunerStation represents a tuner station. More...

Import Statement: import QtInterfaceFramework.Media 1.0
Instantiates: QIfTunerStation


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Detailed Description

Note: This item is not creatable from QML.

Property Documentation

category : string

Holds the category of the tuner station.

For a AM/FM station this is usually string representation of pty (programme type) inside the RDS (Radio Data Segment).

data : object

A generic data field which can hold any data.

This can be moved for storing additional data which is not part of the base class. E.g. the "composer" of an audio track.

frequency : int

Holds the frequency of the tuner station.

id : string

A unique identifier, which can be used to identify this item.

This is mainly used by the backend to implement filtering or browsing.

[read-only] name : string

The name of the item. E.g. The name of a contact in a addressbook, or the artist-name in a list of artists.

radioText : string

Holds the radio text transmitted by the tuner station.

The radio text is used to provide additional information about the current station program or for commericials. It is expected that the backend extracts the useful information from the radioText and provide it in more suitable properties like the the currentArtist or similar.

receptionQuality : int

Holds the reception quality of the tuner station.

//TODO What's the usual unit and range of this ?

stationLogoUrl : string

Holds the logo of this station.

This can be a url to a local image file or a link to a qml image provider.

stationName : string

Holds the name of the tuner station.

[read-only] type : string

The type of the item. E.g. "artist", "track", "contact".

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