Qt Cluster: Rendering on QNX and INTEGRITY

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import QtQuick 2.0 import "functions.js" as Functions Item { id: gauge property alias topText: topTxt property alias bgSource: bgImage.source property real outerRadius: Math.min(width, height) * 0.5 property int animationDuration: 500 property int value: 0 property int minValue: 0 property int maxValue: 10000 property int minAngle: -138 property int maxAngle: 162 property real valueInDegrees: ((maxAngle - minAngle) / (maxValue - minValue)) * (value - minValue) property string shaderColor: "#E31E24" //This is for drawing the shader needle. RpmGauge values background is a bit bigger than //speedometer (or in different location). // As we draw all gauge needles here we need the correction for rpm gauge property alias pixelCorrection: effect.pixelCorrection Image { id: bgImage anchors.centerIn: parent } Text { id: topTxt anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter anchors.bottom: parent.verticalCenter font.pixelSize: Functions.toPixels(0.3, outerRadius) color: "white" } ShaderEffect { id: effect anchors.centerIn: parent width: gauge.width height: gauge.height property double frontCut: gauge.minAngle + gauge.valueInDegrees// new speed property double backCut: gauge.minAngle //starting point // INTERNAL BELOW property double _accelerating: (backCut < frontCut) ? 1. : 0. property double pixelCorrection: 0.0 property variant source: ShaderEffectSource { sourceItem: Rectangle { width: effect.width height: effect.width radius: width color: shaderColor } } Behavior on frontCut { enabled: startupAnimationStopped PropertyAnimation { duration: animationDuration } } fragmentShader: " varying highp vec2 qt_TexCoord0; uniform lowp sampler2D source; uniform lowp float qt_Opacity; uniform lowp float frontCut; uniform lowp float backCut; uniform lowp float _accelerating; uniform lowp float pixelCorrection; highp float FCRad = radians(frontCut - 180.); highp float BCRad = radians(backCut - 180.); void main() { highp vec2 uv = vec2(.5 - qt_TexCoord0.y, .5 - qt_TexCoord0.x); lowp float L = length(uv); lowp float f = 0.; f = smoothstep(L - .01, L, .4615 + pixelCorrection); f -= smoothstep(L,L + 0.01, .444 + pixelCorrection); //f = step(L, 0.48); //f -= step(L,0.45); lowp float angle = -atan(uv.y,uv.x); // Without gradient f *= mix((1. - step(BCRad, angle)) * step(FCRad, angle), (1. - step(FCRad, angle)) * step(BCRad, angle), _accelerating); gl_FragColor = texture2D(source, qt_TexCoord0) * f * 1.; } " } }