VncItem QML Type

Item for creating a VNC®-compatible server. More...

Import Statement: import QtVncServer


Detailed Description

VncItem is a Qt Quick Item which will share its children over the RFB® protocol. It can be the top-level item in the scene for sharing the full window, or any rectangular part of it. Resizing the item will also resize the frames shared with clients.

As soon as the VncItem is initialized, it will accept connections.

Property Documentation

connectionActive : bool

This property reflects whether there is currently one or more clients connected to the server.

connectionEnabled : bool

This property decides whether the server accepts new connections. Set this to false to reject new connections. It is true by default.

password : string

When set, this property enables DEC Authentication on the server and remote clients will have to provide a matching password to connect.

Note: DEC authentication is considered weak protection, and the connection itself is not encrypted. This protects mainly against accidental intrusion, but not against targeted attacks.

Note: This depends on the availability of LibTomCrypt, otherwise it will have no effect.

remoteInputEnabled : bool

This property decides whether input from remote clients is processed. If set to false then clients will only be able to see the contents of the VncItem, but not actually interact with it. The default is true.

vncPort : int

This property decides the port on which the VncItem listens to new connections. The default value is 5900.

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