Target Platforms

Qbs has built-in support for building applications for all major platforms. Platform support is implemented as a set of modules that products depend on. The following topics describe the features specific to a particular platform, point out things to look out for, and provide tips for fully benefiting from the Qbs functions.

In addition to the platforms explicitly listed below, Qbs should generally work on other UNIX and Unix-like platforms but these are not regularly tested or officially supported.

Qbs recognizes the existence of at least AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, GNU Hurd, and Haiku, but provides no explicit support (except some minimal support for FreeBSD).

For instructions on how to setup the target platform, see the qbs.targetPlatform property.

Building for Android

Platform notes for Android.

Building for INTEGRITY

Platform notes for INTEGRITY.

Building for Linux

Platform notes for Linux.

Building for QNX

Platform notes for QNX.

Building for VxWorks

Platform notes for VxWorks.

Building for Windows

Platform notes for Windows.

Building for iOS

Platform notes for iOS.

Building for macOS

Platform notes for macOS.

Building for tvOS

Platform notes for tvOS.

Building for watchOS

Platform notes for watchOS.

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