Building for Windows

This topic describes the Qbs features specific to Windows.

Note: Qbs does not currently support building applications using .NET technologies and languages such as C#, F#, and Visual Basic. At this time we recommend that you use MSBuild and the tools shipped with the various implementations of the .NET platform.

Windows Resources

The ico module contains rules and properties for building Windows icon (.ico) and cursor (.cur) files from a set of raw PNGs.

Universal Windows Platform

Building applications for the Universal Windows Platform is currently only partially supported. Notably, support for building APPX packages is missing, but will be added in a future release.

Relevant properties include:

See the cpp module for more information.

Note: Qbs does not (and will not) support building Windows Runtime applications targeting Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. We encourage users to instead build desktop applications for older versions of Windows, or migrate to Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform.

Building Windows Installers

The following modules contain properties and rules for building Windows installers using a number of different technologies:

  • innosetup - Inno Setup
  • nsis - Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
  • wix - Windows Installer XML Toolset

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