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Detailed Description

An Export item can appear inside a Product item. It defines a Module with the product's name that can be depended on by other products. The properties attached to the Export item will take effect in all products that depend on the product inside which the Export item is defined. As an example, consider these two products:

Product {
    name: "A"
    Export {
        Depends { name: "cpp" }
        cpp.includePaths: product.sourceDirectory
        cpp.defines: ["USING_" + product.name.toUpperCase()]

Product {
    name: "B"
    Depends { name: "A" }

The sources in product B will be able to use headers from product A without specifiying the full path to them, because the include path has been made known to the compiler via A's Export item. Additionally, product B will be compiled with the define USING_A.

Note: This relationship is transitive, so a product C depending on product B will also get the include paths and preprocessor macros via A's Export item.

In contrast to Module items, product within Export items refers to the product which defines the Export item. Use the importingProduct variable to refer to the product that pulls in the resulting module.

Property Documentation

prefixMapping : var

This property allows to provide a translation of exported values between non-deployed and deployed contexts. It is an array of objects with properties prefix and replacement. The array's elements get applied to all other properties set in this item such that if the property's value start with prefix, that prefix gets replaced with replacement. It is typically used for C/C++ include paths. For instance, in a library that provides header files for inclusion both directly from its source directory (when building it as part of a bigger project) and from some installed location (when building an unrelated project against it), you would write something like the following:

Export {
    Depends { name: cpp" }
    cpp.includePaths: [product.sourceDirectory]
    prefixMapping: [{
            prefix: product.sourceDirectory,
            replacement: FileInfo.joinPaths(qbs.installPrefix, "include")

Default: undefined

This property was introduced in Qt 1.12.

See also Exporter.qbs and Exporter.pkgconfig.

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