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Detailed Description

The profiles used by Qbs are normally set up on a user's machine and are then available to all projects. See Configuring Profiles and Preferences for information on how to set up and use profiles on the command line. In some rare cases, however, the creator of a project has complete knowledge about the system on which that project is to be built. Then it can make sense to integrate the profile into the project:

Product {
    // ...
    Profile {
        name: "my-special-profile"
        qbs.toolchainType: "gcc"
        qbs.targetPlatform: "linux"
        qbs.architecture: "armv7a"
        cpp.toolchainInstallPath: "/opt/special-gcc/bin"
        cpp.toolchainPrefix: "arm-linux-gnueabi-"
    qbs.profiles: ["my-special-profile"]
    // ...

The project in the above example can be built in a particular well-known environment without any additional setup.

Profile items can appear inside Product and Project items.

Property Documentation

baseProfile : string

The name of a profile from which this profile inherits. If the same property is set in both this profile and the base profile, the value from this profile takes precedence.

Default: Undefined

condition : bool

Determines whether this profile can be used.

If this property is set to false, the profile cannot be used.

Default: true

name : string

The name under which the profile can be referenced later. Setting this property is required. The value must be unique among all profiles in an entire project.

Default: Undefined

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