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Since: Qbs 1.7


Detailed Description

The innosetup module contains properties and rules for building EXE setup packages with Inno Setup. Inno Setup 5 and above are supported.

Note: A typical Inno Setup Script includes an OutputBaseFilename command to set the filename of the generated installer executable. However, Qbs overrides any OutputBaseFilename commands found in the script by passing the /F option to the ISCC compiler, and therefore, you must use the Product.targetName property to set the filename. Qbs also overrides any Output commands by passing the /O option to the ISCC compiler.

Relevant File Tags

TagAuto-tagged File NamesSinceDescription
"innosetup.iss""*.iss"1.7Source files with this tag identify Inno Setup Script files, which serve as inputs to a rule invoking the Inno Setup Script Compiler.
"innosetup.exe"n/a1.7The rule that creates Inno Setup executable files attaches this tag (as well as the "application" tag) to its output artifact.

Property Documentation

compilerFlags : stringList

A list of additional flags for the Inno Setup compiler.

Default: Undefined

compilerName : string

The name of the compiler binary.

This property should not normally need to be changed.

Default: "ISCC.exe"

compilerPath : string

The full path of the compiler binary.

This property should not normally need to be changed.

Default: compilerName

defines : stringList

A list of preprocessor macros that get passed to the compiler.

To set macro values, use the following syntax:

innosetup.defines: ["USE_COLORS=1", 'COLOR_STR="blanched almond"']

Default: Undefined

includePaths : pathList

A list of include paths.

Relative paths are considered to be relative to the .qbs product file they are used in.

Default: Undefined

toolchainInstallPath : path

The Inno Setup installation directory.

Determined by searching the registry for the latest version.

This property should not normally need to be changed.

Default: Determined automatically.

verboseOutput : bool

Whether to display verbose output from the Inno Setup compiler.

Default: false

version : string

The Inno Setup version.

Consists of three numbers separated by dots, for instance "5.5.9".

Default: Undefined

versionMajor : int

The Inno Setup major version.

Default: versionParts[0]

versionMinor : int

The Inno Setup minor version.

Default: versionParts[1]

versionParts : list

The Inno Setup version as a list.

For instance, Inno Setup version 5.5.9 would correspond to a value of [5, 5, 9].

Default: []

versionPatch : int

The Inno Setup patch level.

Default: versionParts[2]

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