Provides Nullsoft Scriptable Install System support. More...

Since: Qbs 1.2


Detailed Description

The nsis module contains properties and rules for building EXE installers for Windows using the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS).

This module is available on all platforms.

Note: A typical NSIS script includes an OutFile command to set the filename of the generated installer executable. However, Qbs overrides any OutFile commands found in the script, and therefore, you must use the product.targetName property to set the filename.

Relevant File Tags

TagAuto-tagged File NamesSinceDescription
"nsh"*.nsh1.2This tag is attached to NSIS header files.
"nsi"*.nsi1.2This tag is attached to NSIS script files.
"nsissetup"-1.2The rule that creates the NSIS setup executable attaches this tag to its output artifact.

Property Documentation

compilerFlags : stringList

A list of additional flags for the NSIS compiler.

Default: Undefined

compilerName : string

The name of the compiler binary.

This property should not normally need to be changed.

Default: "makensis"

compilerPath : string

The directory where the compiler binary is located.

This property should not normally need to be changed.

Default: compilerName

compressor : string

The compression algorithm used to compress files and data in the installer.

Setting this property overrides any SetCompressor command in the NSI file being compiled.

Possible values include: "default", "zlib", "zlib-solid", "bzip2", "bzip2-solid", "lzma", "lzma-solid".

Default: "default"

defines : stringList

A list of preprocessor macros that get passed to the compiler.

To set macro values, use the following syntax:

cpp.defines: ["USE_COLORS=1", 'COLOR_STR="blanched almond"']

Default: Undefined

disableConfig : bool

Whether to exclude nsisconf.nsh.

Generally, you do not need to set this property.

Default: false

enableQbsDefines : bool

Whether to define preprocessor macros corresponding to the values from the project and product objects.

When building a 64-bit package, the preprocessor variable Win64 will also be defined.

Default: true

toolchainInstallPath : path

The NSIS installation directory.

Determined by searching from the known registry keys and known installation paths until a match is found.

This property should not normally need to be changed.

Default: Determined automatically.

version : string

The NSIS version. Consists of four numbers separated by dots. For example, "".

Default: Undefined

versionBuild : int

The fourth NSIS version number component.

Default: versionParts[3]

versionMajor : int

The NSIS major version.

Default: versionParts[0]

versionMinor : int

The NSIS minor version.

Default: versionParts[1]

versionParts : list

The NSIS version as a list.

For example, the NSIS version would correspond to a value of [2, 46, 0, 0].

Default: []

versionPatch : int

The NSIS patch level.

Default: versionParts[2]

warningLevel : string

The severity of the warnings to emit. The higher the level, the more warnings will be shown.

The levels none, errors, warnings, info, and all correspond to the NSIS verbosity levels 0 through 4, inclusive. normal corresponds to the default level.

Default: "normal"

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