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Since: Qbs 1.10


Detailed Description

The vcs module provides the current state of the project's repository via the repoState property. By default, a C header is also generated, allowing for simple retrieval of the repository state directly from within your C/C++ sources. This is useful to embed information into binaries about the exact state of the repository from which they were built.

For example:

#include <vcs-repo-state.h>
#include <iostream>

int main()
    std::cout << "I was built from " << VCS_REPO_STATE << std::endl;

Above, a header file called vcs-repo-state.h is created, defining a macro called VCS_REPO_STATE, which expands to a character constant describing the current state of the repository. For Git, this would be the current HEAD's commit hash.

Property Documentation

headerFileName : string

The name of the C header file to be created.

Set this to undefined if you do not want a header file to be generated.

Default: "vcs-repo-state.h"

repoDir : string

The root directory of the repository.

Default: The top-level project directory (project.sourceDirectory).

repoState : string

The current state of the repository.

For example, in Git this is the commit hash of the current HEAD.

Default: Undefined

toolFilePath : string

Set this property if the tool has an unusual name in your local installation, or if it is located in a directory that is not in the build environment's PATH.

Default: The file name of the version control tool corresponding to type.

type : string

The version control system used in the project.

Currently, the supported values are "git" and "svn".

Default: auto-detected

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