QDBus Namespace

The QDBus namespace contains miscellaneous identifiers used throughout the Qt D-Bus module. More...

Header: #include <QDBus>
qmake: QT += dbus


enum CallMode { NoBlock, Block, BlockWithGui, AutoDetect }

Detailed Description

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enum QDBus::CallMode

This enum describes the various ways of placing a function call. The valid modes are:

QDBus::NoBlock0Place the call but don't wait for the reply (the reply's contents will be discarded).
QDBus::Block1Don't use an event loop to wait for a reply, but instead block on network operations while waiting. This means the user-interface may not be updated until the function returns.
QDBus::BlockWithGui2Use the Qt event loop to wait for a reply. This means that the user-interface will stay responsive (processing input events), but it also means other events may happen, like signal delivery and other D-Bus method calls.
QDBus::AutoDetect3Automatically detect if the called function has a reply.

When using BlockWithGui, applications must be prepared for reentrancy in any function.

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