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Contains miscellaneous identifiers used throughout the QtKnx library. More...

Header: #include <QKnx>
qmake: QT += knx


namespace Ets
namespace NetIp


enum class EmiType { Unknown, EMI1, EMI2, cEMI }
flags EmiTypes
enum class InterfaceFeature { Unknown, SupportedEmiType, HostDeviceDescriptorType0, BusConnectionStatus, KnxManufacturerCode, …, InterfaceFeatureInfoServiceEnable }
enum class MediumStatus { Unknown, CommunicationPossible, CommunicationImpossible }
enum class MediumType { Unknown, TP, PL, RF, NetIP }
enum class ReturnCode { Success, SuccessWithCrc, MemoryError, CommandInvalid, CommandImpossible, …, Error }


bool isInterfaceFeature(QKnx::InterfaceFeature feature)

Detailed Description


namespace QKnx::Ets

This namespace was introduced in Qt 5.13.

namespace QKnx::NetIp

Type Documentation

enum class QKnx::EmiType
flags QKnx::EmiTypes

This enum describes the various external message interface (EMI) types supported by KNX bus.

QKnx::EmiType::Unknown0x00The supported EMI type is unknown.
QKnx::EmiType::EMI10x01The supported EMI is type 1 used by bus coupler units (BCU) model type 1.
QKnx::EmiType::EMI20x02The supported EMI is type 2 used by bus coupler units (BCU) model type 2.
QKnx::EmiType::cEMI0x04The supported EMI type is known as common EMI and a generic structure for medium independent KNX messages.

This enum was introduced or modified in Qt 5.12.

The EmiTypes type is a typedef for QFlags<EmiType>. It stores an OR combination of EmiType values.

enum class QKnx::InterfaceFeature

This enumeration contains the values to identify an interface feature service (also known as device feature).

QKnx::InterfaceFeature::Unknown0x00The used feature service is unknown.
QKnx::InterfaceFeature::SupportedEmiType0x01Getting the supported EMI type(s).
QKnx::InterfaceFeature::HostDeviceDescriptorType00x02Getting the local device descriptor type 0 for possible local device management.
QKnx::InterfaceFeature::BusConnectionStatus0x03Getting and informing on the bus connection status.
QKnx::InterfaceFeature::KnxManufacturerCode0x04Getting the manufacturer code of the bus access server.
QKnx::InterfaceFeature::ActiveEmiType0x05Getting and setting the EMI type to use.
QKnx::InterfaceFeature::IndividualAddress0x06Getting the individual address used by the bus interface.
QKnx::InterfaceFeature::MaximumApduLength0x07Getting the maximal APDU-length that can be transported over a KNXnet/IP tunneling connection.
QKnx::InterfaceFeature::InterfaceFeatureInfoServiceEnable0x08Controlling the use of the info feature service by the interface.

This enum was introduced or modified in Qt 5.12.

enum class QKnx::MediumStatus

This enum type holds the medium status if the KNXnet/IP router or server supports extended device information.

QKnx::MediumStatus::Unknown0xffThe medium status is unknown. Most likely the discovered KNXnet/IP router or server does not support extended device information.
QKnx::MediumStatus::CommunicationPossible0x00Communication to a KNX twisted pair 1 (TP1) network via the discovered KNXnet/IP router or server is possible.
QKnx::MediumStatus::CommunicationImpossible0x01Communication to a KNX TP1 network via the discovered KNXnet/IP router or server is not possible.

This enum was introduced or modified in Qt 5.12.

enum class QKnx::MediumType

This enum describes the various medium types supported by KNX bus.

QKnx::MediumType::Unknown0x00The supported medium type is unknown.
QKnx::MediumType::TP0x01The supported medium type is twisted pair 1.
QKnx::MediumType::PL0x04The supported medium type is power-line 110.
QKnx::MediumType::RF0x10The supported medium type is radio frequency.
QKnx::MediumType::NetIP0x20The supported medium type is KNXnet/IP.

enum class QKnx::ReturnCode

This enumeration contains the generic return codes used in the KNX specification.

QKnx::ReturnCode::Success0x00The service, function, or command was executed successfully, without additional information.
QKnx::ReturnCode::SuccessWithCrc0x01Positive confirmation of a message with CRC16-CCITT (beginning after the APCI octet, over received data including address and number of data octets).
QKnx::ReturnCode::MemoryError0xf1Memory cannot be accessed at all or only with faults.
QKnx::ReturnCode::CommandInvalid0xf2The command is not supported by this server.
QKnx::ReturnCode::CommandImpossible0xf3The command is supported and well formatted, but it cannot be executed, because a dependency is not fulfilled.
QKnx::ReturnCode::LengthExceedsMaxApduLength0xf4The requested data will not fit into a frame supported by this server. This return code indicates device limitations of the maximum supported frame length while accessing the resources of the device, such as properties, function properties, and memory.
QKnx::ReturnCode::DataOverflow0xf5An attempt was made to write data beyond what is reserved for the addressed resource.
QKnx::ReturnCode::DataMin0xf6The write value was too low. If the value is lower than the lowest supported value, then preferably this value shall be given instead of Value not supported.
QKnx::ReturnCode::DataMax0xf7The write value was too high. If the value is higher than the highest supported value, then preferably this value shall be given instead of Value not supported.
QKnx::ReturnCode::DataVoid0xf8The service or the function (property) is supported, but the requested data is not valid for this receiver. This value shall also be given if the requested data contains an enumeration value that is not supported, within the supported ranges.
QKnx::ReturnCode::TemporarilyNotAvailable0xf9The data could be written, but it is not possible at the time, because another management client (MaC) is accessing the data or the data is currently processed by a management server (MaS) (for example, being flashed or being renewed).
QKnx::ReturnCode::AccessWriteOnly0xfaRead access was attempted to a write only service or resource. This means resources such as properties, function properties, or memory that can be written, but that cannot be read.
QKnx::ReturnCode::AccessReadOnly0xfbWrite access was attempted to a read only service or resource. This means resources such as properties, function properties, or memory that can be read, but that cannot be written.
QKnx::ReturnCode::AccessDenied0xfcThe access to the data or function was denied because of authorization reasons, authorize request, or KNX security.
QKnx::ReturnCode::AddressVoid0xfdThe interface object or the property is not present, or the index is out of range.
QKnx::ReturnCode::DataTypeConflict0xfeWrite access with a wrong data type (datapoint length).
QKnx::ReturnCode::Error0xffThe service, function, or command has failed without additional information about the problem.

This enum was introduced or modified in Qt 5.12.

Function Documentation

bool QKnx::isInterfaceFeature(QKnx::InterfaceFeature feature)

Returns true if the specified feature is a part of the InterfaceFeature enumeration; otherwise returns false.

This function was introduced in Qt 5.12.

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